Imperia Online has 30 official language versions. Language can be set from the top menu on the home page or from the language menu in the right lower corner from the Village map by selecting the respective flag.

Last espionage report  

It is available in the Espionage screen and presents the condition of the province/colony/independent city/military post from the moment it was previously spied, therefore the last espionage report might be outdated.


1. Alliance’s commander-in-chief. He has all the rights an alliance structure can offer. His special bonus is 10 Morale but the actual extent depends on the loyalty status.

For more information about leader’s rights and benefits click here.

2. Common word for all leaders in 2nd loyalty stage.

Leaders’ wing  

Alliance structure unit consisting of the Leader and the First Officer. Leaders’ wing members have individual special bonuses.

Level of experience  

Experience that governors and generals earn on their posts is divided into levels. There are 20 levels for all governors (additional 10 are available to the Emperor). Generals' levels follow the same pattern.

The necessary experience points for all levels can be found here.

Levels of the global accounts  

These levels are relative to all realms in which a player has an account with the same username. They will never disappear and will never get lower. Experience for the account is gained in several ways:
- gathering net points;
- gathering military points;
- elimination of enemy spies.
For every newborn baby noble you get 20% bonus experience in the account for six hours in the corresponding realm.
After reaching a certain level of the account, you win various extras, bonuses and prizes in the game.

Liberated Population  

The Liberated Population is given as a reward for defeating a Barbarian Slaver Camp. It will appear in your Hoard, where it can be received immediately or at a later date.
When you choose to receive the Liberated Population, it will be added to the Local Population of your currently selected holding.


Military rank conferred to players with 15 000-22 499 military points.

Lieutenant General  

Military rank conferred to players with 325 000-499 999 military points.


Military rank conferred to players with 75 000-99 999 military points.

Light Archer  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Archery Barracks
Prerequisites: Ranged Attack 1

• Type: Ranged, Infantry, Archer
• Priority Deployment: Archery Line

Unit Abilities:

+ Long Range: This unit has 1 extra Attack in Field Battle or Fortress Assault, before melee begins
+ Higher Ground: If garrisoned, this unit is boosted during Fortress Assault – Attack x 4
+ Suppressing Fire: During Fortress Assault, this unit can attack the garrisoned defenders with Attack x 0.2
+ Rain of Arrows: Attack x 3 vs. Spearmen

- Vulnerable to Swordsmen: Against this unit the Attack of all Swordsmen is increased
- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit the Attack of all Cavalry is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.33 vs. Swordsmen
- Anti-personnel: Attack x 0.25 vs. Siege Engines
- Weak Morale: Attack x 0.33, when engaged by a Melee unit
- Quiver: 18 shots; when ammo is depleted, this unit maintains its position until engaged in melee

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Light Cavalry  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Cavalry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 1, War Horses 1, Military Doctrine 2

• Type: Melee, Cavalry
• Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Charge: This unit is boosted in the first round of combat – Attack x 1.2
+ Close Combat: Attack x 4 vs. Archers
+ Equestrian Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Swordsmen
+ Maneuverable: This unit is boosted when fighting in a Flank – Attack x 1.3, Hit Points x 1.3

- Vulnerable to Spearmen: Against this unit the Attack of all Spearmen is increased
- Short Reach: Attack x 0.17 vs. Spearmen
- Light Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Center – Attack x 0.8, Hit Points x 0.8
- Rider: This unit cannot attack during Fortress Assault
- Close Quarters Disadvantage: This unit suffers penalties during Fortress Sacking – Attack x 0.5, Hit Points x 0.5

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Light Spearman  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 1, Military Doctrine 2

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Spearman
• Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Polearm: Attack x 2 vs. Light Horsemen

- Vulnerable to Archers: Against this unit the Attack of all Archers is increased
- Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.5 vs. Swordsmen
- Light Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Center – Attack x 0.8, Hit Points x 0.8

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Light Swordsman  

Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 1

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Swordsman
• Priority Deployment: Center (Frontline)

+ Forlorn Hope: Attack x 2 vs. Fortresses
+ Assault Troop: This unit is prioritized in Frontline composition during Fortress Assault
+ Close Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Archers

- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit all Cavalry has Attack x 2

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Light unit  

The lowest military unit class. Defends and attacks most easily light Fortress class levels – 1, 2, 3.
Light units are: light archers, light spearmen, light swordsmen, light cavalry and battering rams.

Link to invite your friends  

A link to invite friends who want to play along with you in the same realm is placed in tab Account info in the Settings menu.


Bank credit. A certain amount of gold the bank lends you. You must pay it off for a 168 hour period at equal payments per hour. You can pay it off in advance as well. You cannot take another loan if you are still in debt to the bank. The loan extent depends on the Empire’s production.

For more information about loans click here.

Loan payment  

The amount of gold the Empire pays off automatically to the bank every hour.

Local effect  

An effect applied to just one holding or province.

Locking attack  

It's an attack which prevents the defender from using their Premium options such as instant transportation, instant research, instant building etc. These options are unlocked under attack only when the gold equivalent of the attacker's army is drastically smaller than the gold equivalent of the defender's net points.


One of the skills available to Governors upon leveling up. Decreases the loss of Colony Happiness incurred by distance to the Capital. Level 1: -4% Happiness loss; Level 2: -6% Happiness loss; Level 3: -10% Happiness loss; Level 4: -14% Happiness loss; Level 5: -20% Happiness loss


Getting hold of some of the gathered resources in another user's province/colony or an independent city by successful Fortress Siege (destroying the fortress and winning the battle against the garrison). Players can loot from the independent cities in their exclusive zone or outside their borders, from other active players’ annexed provinces/ colonies and from abandoned empires. Looting implies appropriating resources to the limit of the attacker army's carrying capacity, on one hand, and outside the preserved capacity of the defender, on the other.


The Game of luck where every hour the luckiest player wins the exclusive prize of the equivalent of their 100-hours resource production in gold. The lots are drawn among players in all realms. The names and realms of all lucky winners are publicly displayed in Winners tab of the Tavern menu.

Low tax rate  

Third tax level. 30 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 15 Happiness away per 24 hours.

Loyalty status  

Shows how loyal towards alliance’s cause each member is. The Loyalty is calculated based on the time spent in the alliance and is divided into three stages which determine the special and Happiness bonuses’ extents. Abandoning the alliance and joining it again or changing the position inside the same alliance resets the bonuses and the Loyalty status counter is restarted.

For more information about Loyalty stages and bonuses click here.

Lumber Mill  

Economic Building.
Type: Local, Production
Prerequisite Technologies: Architecture 1
Maximum Level: 35

Allows the production of Wood resource. Each level increases the Worker Capacity of the building.